Architect Los Angeles

trè·space  |   /'trā,'spās/    



  1. an approachable professional architecture + design practice with the technical knowledge, skill, and experience to transform ideas into reality.   #gettingitdone
  2. a mission with the dedicated goal to customize space for the benefit of its users 
  3. a multidisciplinary design studio that believes in the following three (3) principles of good design:  Functionality, Performance, and Aesthetic Appeal

verb | participle:


  1. in the process of collaborating with a professional architect that fully understands your goals, and works diligently to deliver thoughtful, creative, and responsive solutions in a timely and efficient manner

origin | etymology:

Modern English, from très (French, with reference to a fashionable quality) and from space (shortening of old French espace, an area of opportunity for betterment).  

Related words:  trèsBien, trèsChic, trèsFresh